Memories are for keeps 

We capture the special moments that players and parents can enjoy forever

We provide exceptional team and individual imagery with minimal effort on your part!

Custom league and sports graphics

State of the art technology and training.  

No need to have individual players wait around for a team photo to be taken as we will photograph each player for both an individual and team image. Team pictures -- whether a parent has one child or several children in the league – no longer will they need to worry about scheduling or waiting around for the team picture.     

 We will create each team photo with awesome graphics to match your team / league colors.            

 No more messy backgrounds or fields. No more shadows.  No more “squinting” into the sun.

 We create stunning team and individual images to match your team's colors. 

We offer a broad assortment of photo products including team buddy photos, digital composite photos, custom photo magazine covers, sports posters,  wallet photos, photo plaques, photo buttons, photo stadium tickets, custom photo trading cards and lots more!   

Does your School or League need banners? We have those too !  Click below to get in touch with us.


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About Pam Baumann  Photography

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Thanks for visiting!  With more than 30 years of photography experience, Pam Baumann Photography is your full service photography source.   

We provide professional photography services at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.  Each of our sessions are photographed with care and passion so as to present to you the very best images.  Each image is professionally composed, edited and delivered to you in a timely manner.  

Pam is a 32 year U.S. Marine Corps Veteran as well as a retired Law Enforcement Officer.  If you are a veteran yourself or serve in the public sector, then we would like to Thank You for YOUR service to our nation and community. 

We  look forward to working with you and capturing some memories.  


capturing memories, one image at a time.  

Free Quick Tips on a Successful Team Picture Day 

We already know that Team / League Picture Day is one more task added to your already busy schedule.  That's why we have designed picture day to be fast and minimally intrusive.  Your players no longer have to wait around for a special team picture pose;  rather we will capture their team image right after their individual image and off they go!  The ball is in our hands now and we will create awesome graphics to complement your team's colors!

  Whether you’re a coach or a parent, we know that time is something we always seem to need more of.  With our process, we not only take less time but you will end up with extra time added back to your schedule than with previous Picture Days !!  

  As skilled professionals we not only have the proper equipment but know how to combine the  elements of composition, color and lighting to their advantage.  Our team has the education & expertise to properly edit the imagery so it is aesthetically pleasing and usable in a variety formats.